Coca-Cola campaign on need for +ve energy

04 Mar,2020

By A Correspondent


We all know of the health hazards of cola beverages, but many of us continue to consume them. Coca-Cola has unveiled a new campaign takes claims how dull, lethargic moments are transformed into uplifting ones when one reaches out for the beverage. The new TV commercial stars brand ambassador and the no-longer-superstar actor Ranbir Kapoor.


Commenting on the campaign, Shrenik Dasani, Vice President – Sparkling Category, Coca-Cola India and South West Asia, said: “The campaign is our attempt at encouraging people to reimagine what they could do to their daily dull moments with a Coke. We’ve been inspired by how teens think about their daily lives and, often with a Coke, how they effortlessly transform even dull moments into epic ones.


While the age-old norm has been to take a pause during idle time, today’s teens are different. They’re not looking to contemplate, they’re looking to participate. They don’t want downtime, they want uptime. And rather than taking breaks once or twice a day, they are fluid, constantly on the move and shifting gears. All this of course needs a lot of positive energy… something a Coke can provide like no other!”


We would recommend consuming the cola with care. And would say a fresh juice or a butter milk are uplifting and healthy.



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