ACC celebrates eco-friendly Holi

13 Mar,2020

By A Correspondent


ACC has a digital film promoting eco-friendly Holi celebrations. Conceived by 82.5 Communications and produced by Brooomsticks, the film features a contractor Dhaniram and his daughter, as the key protagonists.


Said Sumanto Chattopadhyay, Chairman and Chief Creative Officer, 82.5 Communications: “One eco-friendly act can inspire many more. Just as Dhaniram inspires his daughter to find an ingenious way to play an organic Holi, I hope ACC’s range of eco-friendly products inspire thousands of home-builders across India to create eco-friendly homes.”


Added Ashish Prasad, Chief Marketing Officer, ACC Limited: “ACC is among the first of Indian companies to include a commitment to environmental protection as one of its corporate objectives. ACC has always been committed towards sustainability and towards practices that progressively draw lesser natural resources. Our concrete bricks and blocks, no curing plaster and one of our premium cements are a testament to our ‘Karein Kuch Kamaal’ philosophy. With this film, we hope to have raised awareness about the need to play a safe and eco-friendly Holi.”



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