This Burger is Moldy, but..

26 Feb,2020


By Sanjeev Kotnala


Now, it is rare for a brand to come with two exceptional executions in succession. May be it is the rivalry between the two big brands; Burger King and McDonald’s that have made it possible. Personally, I wish for a hattrick.



Recently during the Valentine’s Day week, Burger King made one relook at Ronald, the McDonald’s mascot as the loneliest person on planet earth. One was still admiring the way they did the Valentine’s Day communication when one was rattled with the MOLDY BURGER- celebrating no preservatives.



Before, the Burger King- Moldy Whooper, let’s talk of the immortal McDonalds burgers. Time to time reports of McDonald’s burgers that seem to defy time has been flooding the internet. There have been reports of people having 10-12-20-year-old McDonald’s Burgers  that have hardly shown any change. They seem to be fresh. The internet even offers the explanation for such a phenomenon- but then life is all about Perceptions adulterated with reality.

A few of these immortal McDonald’s burgers were recently featured on the internet. One could presume that it may have something to do with the other brand. If it did, then Burger King’s Moldy Whooper campaign becomes that more exciting.


So what is Burger King MoldY Whooper?

Moldy Whooper is a simple demonstration. A Burger King’s Whooper deteriorating with time, because there are no preservatives added in any component of the Burger King’s Whooper. As per reports, this is Burger King’s way to move towards more natural ingredients and food. Currently No preservative is a claim across 400 outlets in the USA, soon to be the fact across all US outlets and then take on global sales.

Frankly, it is unappetising to look at. There would be debate among brand strategists and creative teams if this was the best way forward to make the point.

We must remember, marketing is all about sacrificing and not merely choosing what to present. I frankly have huge respect for the Burger King’s team. They have taken a disruptive way forward to use such a powerful demonstration. Most of us would love to be a part of a Brand team that does such work.


Moldy Whooper, a creative winner too!

In India, some well-known creative heads have tweeted the possibility of Moldy Whooper winning big time at Cannes. The timing is just right, and most likely, the statements will come true. I, on the other side, am waiting for a hattrick.


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