Some Peace, Puhleez?

27 Feb,2020


Yes, it’s not the hippest part of the country. It’s not where Khan Market and all the tony spots in the capital are located. But North East Delhi is part of our country, and there are some 34 lives lost, and this number could, sadly, rise.


From a few of the on-ground television reports we’ve seen and personal accounts that we’ve heard, the situation is very, very grim.


It could well be a repeat of what happened in Gujarat in 2002. Or in Mumbai in 1992-93.


The role of the media has always been very crucial in maintaining law and order. But now, given the rise of the social media and the kind of conversation that we find there, the role of the media – the news media specifically – assumes much importance.


There is need for restraint. And there is need for not causing any more damage. Even if it means not revealing the entire truth.


We can’t afford a repeat of the past.


There are nutcases out there in public life. There are many who are making inflammatory speeches. But it’s critical that the mainstream media – television and digital media primarily – must ensure that content is under control.


On the spot – Ground Zero – reporting is good to do and can win awards, but can lead to more tensions and loss of lives. Ditto with studio discussions with guests having extreme views.


A request from MxMIndia: Can we have some, peace, please? Puhleeez?!


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