OkCupid’s latest campaign dishes out sweet revenge to the #Mismatchmakers

28 Feb,2020

By A Correspondent




Dating app OkCupid has launched digital campaign #Mismatchmakers using Meme Text Videos (MTVs) to address the frustrations of single millennials thanks to friends, family, and peers constantly trying to set them up.


Talking about the campaign, Melissa Hobley, CMO at OkCupid, said: “#Mismatchmakers is a fun take on the obvious frustration of your loved ones setting you up on bad dates. We love them, but not their taste in our partner! Every single person wants them to stop and doesn’t know how to tell them – so we did! It’s 2020 after all – this is the year to find love on your terms – not theirs.”


Added PG Aditiya, Executive Creative Director, Dentsu Webchutney: “Sometimes great advertising doesn’t look or feel like an ad, and that’s part of the secret sauce. The team behind Mismatchmakers represent OkCupid’s core target users as well, so the scripts wrote themselves. The entire campaign was also produced and directed by the core team at Webchutney, making it ridiculously enjoyable to create and, hopefully, consume.”



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