Motilal Oswal affirms itself as an equity investing expert in ad

21 Feb,2020

By A Correspondent


Motilal Oswal has come out with a new digital campaign strengthening its position as an equity investing expert. The underlying theme of the campaign is based on observed behaviour wherein investors keep analysing past performance to decide on future course of action.


Speaking on the campaign, Ramnik Chhabra (Executive Director – Marketing, MOFSL) said: “When investing in equity, many investors have a ‘mud mudke dekhna’ mentality. This often proves detrimental. It is this insight that we have used in our latest educational campaign for MOAMC. In equity, if you keep looking backward, you can’t move forward.”


Added Chhabra on the campaign: “The execution shows people who continuously look backward losing out. Using a distinct tone and personality consistent with previous Motilal Oswal communication, the campaign depicts different situations people find themselves in if they keep looking back.”



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