Das ka Dum with Dr Bhaskar Das: Do you also speak with your wife in a simple, simplified, uncomplicated way as you answer our questions?

07 Feb,2020

Bhaskar Das

Bhaskar Das

Ha Ha, He He, Ha Ha. We know you are doing that just reading the question, but before you depress the button to read it, do remember that this is your daily destination for the most explosive and most real questions that an Indian media veteran has ever responded to. Without any further ado: Das ka Dum by Dr Bhaskar Das. Read on…


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Q  Do you also speak with your wife in the same simple, simplified, uncomplicated way? For instance, if she were to ask you to just stop by and pick a loaf of bread before getting home one evening, do you give a philosophical ‘bread of life’ answer? Or if she says across the table: can you pass the sugar, do you reply: “why substances like sugar… aapna zuban mishti… or whatever one would say in Bangla…


A. In any communication, understanding of the segment that one addresses is vital. The articulation has to tailored to the person and the occasion. Since wife is also a segment (as in the case of a marketer), one tailors it to that. In this specific segment, listening is a better art and convergence improves gross domestic peace. It’s universally true. Asymmetric articulation only exacerbate bilateral engagement.

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