Sanjeev Kotnala: Human Intelligence needs a Robot

29 Jan,2020

By Sanjeev Kotnala


On January 26, 2020, the internet was flooded with videos of people reading the preamble. It was not a one-off incident.

Nowadays, the constitution is debated threadbare. There is more fake news than news floating around in media. People are taking a polarised stance in spite of incomplete information. The politics of politics is getting dirtier by the day. So dirty that citizens are no longer sure whether they should live by ideologies or behave in a more tribal way. They are doing, what they believe they are expected to do. Most are living for the image that has been created and not for what they may want to.



In this arena, I count myself. For some silly reason and irrationality of fear, I cautiously avoided being part of it. I now regret it.

Reading the preamble or refocusing on the constitution is such a pure act of referencing. Yet, I had this rational fear that I did not do it. Feared as a citizen to even voice the thought. I can presume that there are many more like me in the country

So, I in my time of PaRAM; Pause, Reflect, Absorb and Move on, got stuck. I questioned, who am I? What is this zone of uncertainty? The answer was not complicated. It is the lack of information, transparency, coupled with the fear of getting into the crosswire of people I don’t even know.



Our algorithm of making choices and decisions is corrupted, and it needs to be rebooted.

Our personal HI algorithm works and feeds on past experiences, expectations and new data that it keeps absorbing. Humans are more of a machine than the machines are human.

The algorithm loop is leading to a venous cycle. The Machine codes are given the initial input and are guided by Humans. The new inputs of sharply polarised inputs like ‘my way or no way’ is further rebuilding the block of skewed reactions.

These inputs are continuously strengthening the already polarised behaviour. Or they are breaking down the understanding we have. The result, there is perpetual chaos of dissonance, self-pity, uncertainty, fear – that challenges the morality and ethicality of understanding.



We are the result of our past decisions and experiences. Since childhood, social tensions, cultural biases fed on faulty education and deep-rooted suspicion has tweaked the DNA of our HI.

The personal experience-, any day over-rides the universal experiences. Unfortunately, today, there is so much of skewed information and access to other’s experiences that the HI forgets to question.



I am not judgmental. I am no Arnab Goswami, who can wear his polarity with business pride. And that is just a reference, every media is doing the same.

I am not taking any side if the currently debated acts are wrong and right. Yes, I have my perception of what is happening and what should happen, but then I am keeping silent on the subject.

The government has a responsibility to provide as much correct information as possible as inputs to the troubled HI. Take on every conceivable media, and bring for masses the real picture. When I say every imaginable media, I mean it.

A media blackout would be excellent. Supplement with detailed explanation in Newspaper and magazines. Fixed, if needed one hour of simulcast on every news channel- every means all entertainment- sport- news – music- films. At the same hour, every radio station in the country to broadcast on the subject. Hoardings which can give loud and clear- non-ambiguous messages. And then, straight answers in social media. It is important to repeat this exercise many times over to reach everyone. Any day, it will be a lot less costly than the current situation.

After this onslaught of true transparent information! People will still be free to take sides. They will have something substantial to confront the rumourmongers and may not be swayed that easily. They no doubbt retain their right to peaceful protest.



For decades, we have allowed the law and order situation to become un-manageable, the uniform respect to deep dive, misuse of institutions and minority-majority polarisation.

For long, we as a nation have allowed the uniform to be used for purposes they were never meant for. They have been asked to box with hands tied. The nation has used them as political puppets. Every tom-dick and harry has questioned what they did in the line of duty. And we have expected brilliant control from people we keep in below human conditions. We must stop that. 



So, no surprises in how people law-abiding or otherwise behave. No doubt, they break the rules, the corruption is rampant. The education system is not creating good citizens. Morality and ethicality are questioned.

The algorithmic of citizens HI is corrupted. It is not definitely what is desired. But the HI is a result of experiences and expectations. A lot of consistent positive corrective actions are required.

Hope someday we will make a beginning. And sometime soon, people like me will not have illogical fears to read the Preamble as a right.



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