‘OK Boomer’ campaign encourages engagement with Baby Boomers

23 Jan,2020

By A Correspondent


Columbia Pacific Communities has kickstarted 2020 with a topical campaign titled ‘Ok, Boomer’ that aims to call out ageism and propagate the philosophy of positive ageing, the brand’s core philosophy.


Columbia Pacific Communities has launched a 10-day campaign to bat for the seniors and position ‘Baby Boomers’ as a generation that not only made path-breaking contributions and continue to do so but also remain extremely relevant.


Commenting on the social media campaign, Piali Dasgupta, VP – Marketing, Columbia Pacific Communities said: “Our campaign has been conceptualised capitalising the ageist catchphrase “OK Boomer” that came into existence as an internet meme in 2015. It is a reaction to the catchphrase. By mid-2019, millennials and younger generations started to widely use it to dismiss or mock the Baby Boomer generation as narrow-minded and outdated. We, as a brand, stand for showing the world the power of positive ageing.


The campaign was conceived to not just celebrate the contributions of baby boomers in various fields such as technology, music, art and culture, but also leverage the rich life experiences and wisdom of senior citizens to share life lessons and advise. ”



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