HDFC Life launches Season 2 of ‘Behind the Journey’

02 Jan,2020

By A Correspondent


HDFC Life has announced the launch of the second season of its digital campaign ‘Behind the Journey’, in partnership with artist and event management major Only Much Louder (OML).


Said Vishal Subharwal, EVP-Ecommerce & Digital Marketing: “With Season 2 of ‘Behind the Journey’, we continue our endeavour of bringing about a shift in the mindset of the audience towards long term savings and investment products offered along with life insurance.  We have partnered with popular role-models who talk about their own financial struggles and how they have achieved financial freedom through grit and discipline. We believe these stories will resonate well with the audience and help them overcome barriers towards goal-based and disciplined investments as a vehicle for achieving financial independence.”


Added Gunjan Arya, CEO, OML: “Social media has created an unrealistic standard for our generation. However great a job someone is doing, they probably still pick and choose what to present online. We are now striving to live a picture perfect life, which of course, does not exist. This is a basic insight that HDFC Life connected with – and so did the fans that came to know the sacrifices and struggles of their favourite artists, who otherwise are associated with glamour and fame. The series highlights the importance financial planning in any career and the lessons therein for all of us. The success of the first season of ‘Behind the Journey’ for HDFC Life gave us the opportunity to showcase bigger artists across domains and disciplines in its sophomore year, and we’re looking forward to taking the association further for fans and consumers alike.”

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