Free Press changes masthead for Education Day

24 Jan,2020

By A Correspondent


We didn’t know it was World Education Day today. Thankfully Free Press Journal reminded us of that with Free School, the sixth issue of special editions conceived by Taproot Dentsu. “The last five special editions have seen us changing our masthead to draw the nation’s attention to issues that deserve to be addressed, noted a communique, adding: “We started this movement on August 29, 2019, National Sports Day, by changing our 90-year-old brand name to Free Sports; followed by Free Food on World Food Day (October 16); and Free Child on Children’s Day (November 14); Free Farmers on Farmers’ Day (December 23). And today, we want to shine the spotlight on a fundamental human right – education.”


Said Abhishek Karnani, Chairman Director of the Free Press Journal group: “Though we are in the business of journalism, we want to focus on addressing the issues at hand. Education is a very important factor in the economic development of any country. Since the early days of independence, India has focused on improving the literacy rate. Even today, the government runs many programmes to promote primary and higher education in India. We thought this is our way of shedding light on and starting a conversation around this issue.”


Added Santosh ‘Paddy’ Padhi, Chief Creative Officer and Co-Founder of Taproot Dentsu: “I’m happy that we’re now publishing our 6th special edition. The last five had us tackling five different issues. And this one is no different. I’d like to thank the Free Press Journal team for helping bring this idea to life by reaching out to concerned contributors to address the issues and ensuring that we give space to different points of view.”



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