ET Money campaign urges tax payers to be money-wise

29 Jan,2020

By A Correspondent


ET Money is encouraging people to demand more out of their lives. The campaign, conceptualised by Daiko Fho and produced by Cellardoor in partnership with the Times Internet marketing team led by COO Santosh Navlani features a TVC starring stand-up comedian and comedy writer Biswapati Sarkar and actor Namit Das who present this message in a fun yet emphatic manner.


Said Santosh Navlani, COO & Head of Marketing ET Money: “The last quarter of any financial year is that time when the income-earning Indian Individuals thinks about tax savings more than ever before. We intend to not only drive a larger awareness of what the maximum possible tax-savings can be for them, but also enable seamless purchase of those tax-saving products. Moreover, our aim is to help people derive maximum value for themselves while they save the tax by ensuring they also enhance their financial lives through them – be it growing their money, insuring themselves or protecting health of their families and get rewarded by additional tax-saving if they start planning for retirement.”


Added Rajesh Aggarwal, Founder & CEO – Daiko Fho: “ET Money’s tax saving campaign was conceptualised as a brief yet engaging narrative that delivered its promise of maximising savings in a manner that would resonate with the widest segment of tax-paying Indian. We are happy to have been able to weave our experience in engaging storytelling with incredible actors like Biswapati Sarkar and Namit Das to deliver this insightful message in a humorous yet impactful manner.”



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