Don’t let pain prohibit freedom, notes Omnigel in ad

30 Jan,2020

By A Correspondent


Cipla’s Omnigel has launched its ad campaign to strike a chord with Indians while reinforcing that Omnigel keeps one pain-free and uninterrupted.


Said R Gopalakrishnan, Senior Vice President and Head, India Generics at Cipla: “Over two decades, Omnigel has been recommended by a large number of pharmacists for body pain caused by various reasons. Through the television commercial we aim to inform those individuals, troubled by recurrent aches, about Omnigel, which helps with beneficial and speedy solutions. The gel has a unique formula which not only provides relief but also leads to a faster recovery.”


Commenting on the same, Shivam Puri, CEO, Cipla Health said, “We are humbled by how our consumers have bestowed their trust in Omnigel all these years. The primary objective of this television commercial is to inform individuals about not missing out on the little joys of life due to any kind of body pain, for which easy and immediate solutions are available. Our brand tends to give multiple solutions for a large number of body ache related issues.”



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