#DNAFightsRape initiative draws encouraging response

21 Jan,2020

By A Correspondent




In a nation like India a rape is committed every 20 minute. But what’s even more sad is that these cases go unreported. This is due to the lack of evidence. But what if the evidence is the crime scene itself? And the person to nail the rapist is the rapist himself? This is not wishful thinking but the power of DNA. Watch Suman Nalwa, DCP, Delhi Police, talk about DNA and its power to bring rapists to justice.

Where's the DNA? यांनी वर पोस्ट केले सोमवार, २० जानेवारी, २०२०


In an attempt to educate the survivors as well as the masses on their role and timely application of DNA forensics, a new campaign #DNAFightsRape – Save the Evidence, was launched recently by Ogilvy India along with Gordon Thomas Honeywell Governmental Affairs (GTH-GA). The campaign is also endorsed by Delhi Police, UN Women and AIIMS. Notes a communique: “As a part of the crusade experts across law enforcement, legal, forensics have showed their support by sharing powerful and thought-provoking videos that reiterates the role of scientific investigation and its most conclusive nature in convicting the guilty, where a rape is concerned.”


The campaign #DNAFightsRape was launched on November 25, on the International Day for Elimination of Violence Against Women, combining forces from the Delhi Police, UN Women India, AIIMS, MARD and others to support the move.



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