Das ka Dum with Dr Bhaskar Das: Your view on the lack of transparency in our media ecosystem?

06 Jan,2020

Hello, and welcome to the first full seven-day week of the new year. It’s a week of provocative questions, but you know our Wizard with Words: you can’t get him on the wrong foot. Without further ado, Das ka Dum by Dr Bhaskar Das


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Q  On Friday, MxMIndia carried a comment on the lack of transparency in ad agencies. In print, publishers are known to fudge print orders. Ditto with digital. Your view on this lack of transparency in our media ecosystem?


A Your question suffers from a sectoral bias. What you have referred effectively asexamples of  moral turpitude in the sector that you operate in, are more exceptions than a rule. And it has been present in myriad forms from the primordial age. The external manifestation erupts from time to time but one can’t paint all companies belonging to a sector, coloured by it. I find the perspective very dystopian. No business can thrive on sustained questionable non-transparency. There are enough and more examples of healthy business practices.

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