Das ka Dum with Dr Bhaskar Das:  You are dressed as if it’s a Friday on most days. How do you get away with it? Guess no one dares to ask you since you are a veteran!

31 Jan,2020

We are speechless with the response. So a simple question on the way he dresses has generated an entire discourse. Check it out for yourself in today’s edition of Das ka Dum by Dr Bhaskar Das. Read on…


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Q. A Friday question: There is a concept of Friday dressing where people dress more casually – pull out their denims and pastels on the last day of the working week in many weeks You are dressed as if it’s a Friday on most days. How do you get away with it? Or because you are such a veteran, no one dares to ask you such questions?


A. Personal idiosyncrasies must not be equated with an industry trend. Yes, Friday dressing has been in vogue for quite some time in sync perhaps with the Hawthorne experiment where believers of Theory Y as a route to employee engagement allowed such flexibility on a weekly basis. For me, at some stage of my life, I realised that a seven-day weekend existence might keep me perpetually in high octane mood that could improve my productivity.


Empirical evidence confirmed that to some extent and I continued with it. No one objected to it, though I can’t confirm any lack of private jeering. Fundamentally, any sartorial choice is expression of one’s personality but organisations can’t allow industrialisation of sartorial uniqueness in a corporate setting. Anyway, please don’t even think that my kinesthetic and cognitive capabilities get eroded due to such illusionary appendages and cosmetic attribution.



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