Das ka Dum with Dr Bhaskar Das: We saw a pic of yours on the beach with some colleagues. So you did/do have fun etc like normal people?

03 Jan,2020

Okay, we are being mean, but we do like to tease Dr Bhaskar Das once in a while. Especially on Fridays. But, as is his wont, he even philosophises even on this response. Phew. We asked for it. Without further ado, Das ka Dum by the Wizard with Words, Dr Bhaskar Das


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Q. We recently saw a vintage photograph of yours on Facebook… on the beach with some colleagues? So you did have fun etc like normal people?


A. Your anodyne question glossed over my internal moorings about entertainment in life. Life is entertainment for all. Its definition changes by individual and by the life cohort through which one transits. For example, in the throwback picture I was in a team effort to build a sandcastle. Now I look for pebbles in the seashore of knowledge. Both form part of the kaleidoscope of entertainment which is called life.

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