Das ka Dum with Dr Bhaskar Das: The News Broadcasters’ Federation asked the govt for parity with print on GST. Is the govt partial to print owners?

20 Jan,2020

Hello, welcome to yet another week of Q&As with the Wizard with Words. The questions this week are provocative once again and we are you’ll enjoy the series. So without further ado: Das ka Dum by Dr Bhaskar Das


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Q. We read about the news broadcasters’ federation petitioning the government on a level playing field with print on GST. In your opinion, are governments partial to print owners?


A. It’s a technical point. Can’t really comment on this as I am neither aware of its historical background nor the merit of the case. The NBF has the democratic right to demand it for its sets of reasons. Increasingly, level playing field would be the order of the day if as a country we act in favour of a laissez-faire economy.


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