Das ka Dum with Dr Bhaskar Das:  Isn’t it unfair that English news content attracts high revenue despite low reach?

30 Jan,2020

There are days when BD takes us on. A few remarks here and there. We don’t mind it, of course. Without further ado, Das ka Dum by Dr Bhaskar Das. Read on…


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Q. The reach of English news content is so low compared to that of language content, yet it attracts so much more revenue. So unfair no? When do you see this changing?


A. This question suffers from the bliss of ignorance about how communication priorities work. There has always been a distinction of quality and quantity. English is officially one of the principal  languages to conduct business, globally. English communication helps getting white collar jobs. Hence English audience is perceived to be ensconced in the higher echelons of society. Consequently, in the Indian context, they attract premium and not exclusivity. In every product category, there are variants of premium, masstige and mass categorisation. At a homogeneous level of basic functionality of a product, there may not be any difference but at the experience and vanity level, premiumness is ascribed by the market. So the casteism of language or product variants emerge out of market perception process. What to do? Even you ask for answers to your questions in English and not, say, in Bengali.

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