Das ka Dum with Dr Bhaskar Das: Do you think the Kyoorius-Zee disruption in the creative awards space will impact Ad Club’s Abby awards? Or is Rs 4000 also a deterrent for the small agencies?

28 Jan,2020

So how will he tackle this question – damn Kyoorius and Zee and bat for the Abby or damn the Abby, and praise Kyoorius and Zee. But then this is Dr Bhaskar Das responding to a question. And he has a spin on everything. Right? Read on…


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Q. What’s your view on the disruption created by Kyoorius and Zee in the advertising awards space? Where Zee takes care of 11k of the 15k entry fee. I know you are an Ad Club officebearer, but as an industry veteran, do you think it will mess things majorly for the Abby? Or is Rs 4000 also a deterrent for the small agencies?


A. There is a macro and micro  aspect in this question. First, it is an innovative initiative in upstream marketing to boost demand side of the business. It’s high in empathy quotient as it evinces acknowledgement of a tepid economic environment where entry for awards might not be a dominant priority. The micro aspect is that  it concerns the business strategy of an industry award organiser. It’s their democratic right to make customer-centric initiatives that serve their organisational priorities. I have no business to review that. So far as Ad Club’s own awards are concerned, it’s their responsibility to manage it. And every award has its unique attractiveness. Market forces determine their stickiness. Hence a micro-decision needn’t affect all others awards necessarily. And the primordial principle would always work:  the fittest would always survive



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