Boomtime in Connected World

23 Jan,2020


Published from the InMobi Mobile Marketing Report 2020. For full report, please visit: For full report, please visit: Link to PDF


The Indian digital ecosystem has witnessed a phenomenal transformation in the last decade, driving connectivity at an unparalleled scale leading to a new punctuated equilibrium. This transformation has fuelled the app economy in the country, leading to a dramatic shift in the life of the average Indian consumer.


Be it buying groceries or reconnecting with a distant relative or discovering new content or hailing a cab, there’s an app that can help. This reshaping of the consumer experience has required advertisers, both brands and agencies to rethink how they communicate with their customers. With the era of the connected consumer upon us we discuss emerging trends and the large-scale impact they will leave, including the fundamental changes that content, commerce and context have undergone, dramatically shaping consumer experience as we know it.


The Indian economy is transformed by a decade of connectivity India has witnessed a connectivity transformation in the last decade. It has doubled its mobile penetration and is slated to reach 90% by 2022. Falling smartphone prices and cheap data tariffs are spurring data consumption, making India the leading data consumer in the world. Mobiles accounted for 13% percent of user’s daily time in emerging markets such as India.


Drivers of the On-Demand, app Economy


1. Rapidly expanding smartphone user base due to affordability

2. A growing majority of Millennial (34%) and Gen Z population (27%) with rising spending capacity

3. Better & Faster Mobile Internet connectivity

4. Highly mobile-savvy consumers


These have all contributed to the significant improvement in the Global Mobile Connectivity Index over the past couple of years, as India stands on par with the global average


If there is an ask, there is an app to cater to it. Consumers today assume the existence of an app-based solution to their every need and want. And where one doesn’t exist, a new category-based app emerges


Connectivity = Context. Commerce. Content.


Since the release of the first app store in 2008, consumer experience as we know it, has dramatically shifted. While few areas today remain untouched by digitisation, only a few have seen the impact that Content, Commerce and Context have.


As we embark on the new era of the connected consumer, the report examines the convergence of context, commerce and content and discuss how it can help build a mobile economy that works for all.


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