Taproot Dentsu changes Free Press masthead yet again for Human Rights Day

10 Dec,2019

By A Correspondent


The Free Press Journal has changed its masthead again given it’s World Human Rights Day today (December 10). Hence: Free Rights.


This is in line with similar initiatives conceived by Taproot Dentsu and conducted ton August 29, 2019 for National Sports Day and then on October 16 for World Food Day, and last month on November 14 on Children’s Day.


Said Free Press Journal group Chairman Director, Abhishek Karnani: “Though we are in the business of journalism, we want to focus on addressing the issues at hand. In a world that is increasingly becoming more open-minded, India is being close-minded. Which is why talking about human rights has become the need of the hour. And though it is impossible to speak about every right, our attempt is to highlight some of the key rights that we, as a country, find thwarted.” s

Added Santosh Padhi, Chief Creative Officer and Co-Founder: “Being from the creative industry I believe in the strength of creativity and its power to move people and change how they think. As a country, we are creatively gifted. But unfortunately, due to many religious and political agendas coming in our way, our creativity has been thwarted. The last few years have seen it taking a backseat. Both Taproot and I have, over the years, faced issues that endangered our basic right of expression – there are a number of political parties and religious groups that exist to exercise their right to thwart ours. So, this particular issue is close to my heart.”



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