MRUC releases IRS 2019/Q3

28 Dec,2019

By A Correspondent


Just last evening young Ramesh was celebrating with his family that his parents would celebrate New Years’ Eve at home with him. He still recalls how the big Independence Day holiday that he was hoping to celebrate got messed thanks to IRS 2019/Q2 being released. But alas, Ramesh’s dream of a holiday are going to be shortlived. Earlier today (December 28), at 5.08am to be precise, our inbox received the all-important communique:


The Media Research Users Council (MRUC) has announced the release of IRS 2019Q3 data. The 2019Q3 data is a rolling average of the last quarter of IRS 2017 (Q4) and three quarters of IRS 2019 (Q1+Q2+Q3). IRS 2019Q3 fieldwork covers August 2019 through November 2019.


Notes a communique: “Multimedia consumption is the order of the day with each medium holding on to their loyal consumers. Overall media reach has grown with digital leading the growth trajectory.”


In view of sample shortfall in Andhra Pradesh, the IRS Technical Committee has decided to release IRS 2019Q3 data excluding AP, as of now. The IRS 2019Q3 data including AP will be released in a fortnight’s time. Comparative analysis until then, at all India level, will not be permissible. While the reporting sample size at all India level (including AP) is 3.30 Lakh Households (Urban: 2.14L Households and Rural: 1.15L Households), without AP, the reported all India sample size will be 3.15Lakh Households (2.05L HH in Urban and 1.09L HH in Rural).


IRS2019Q3 fieldwork in Jammu and Kashmir was adversely affected because of political and administrative developments in the State (now union territory). In consultation with the IRS Technical Committee, it has been decided to report J&K data  by utilising and projecting the last four quarters of IRS data i.e. Q3+Q4 2017 and Q1+Q2 2019 to the updated universe for the current round of IRS 2019Q3.


Commenting on the release of IRS 2019Q3 data, Pratap Pawar, Chairman, Sakal Media and Chairman of MRUC said, “IRS being the world’s largest survey not only reflects the ground reality in terms of print readership, but also for other media and product consumption. The stringent field monitoring system, rigorous data validation processes and the overall methodology of IRS ensures the industry gets a robust and reliable data.”

Added Vikram Sakhuja, Group CEO Madison Media & OOH, Madison World and IRS Technical Committee Chairman: “The IRS is a fascinating barometer of how India consumes Media.  From this round we see that Indians consumption of media continues to grow with digital growing on top of other mediums remaining steady. I would urge all marketers to deep dive into the data. There are fascinating insights about the diversity that is India waiting to be found.”


Please click here for deck of IRS 2019Q3 Highlights

Some pointers from the all-important AIR and TR slide:

• English readership grows. Grows or stays steady in most of the country except for Uttarakhand where it has gone down by 1%

• AIR Hindi dailies All-India is the same vis Q2. Urban has degrown by 0.03%. Rural goes down by 0.01%

• AIR English dailies vis-a-vis Q2 All-India has degrown by 0.01%. Urban has grown by 0.04% and rural also by 0.05%

• Any Regional dailies AIR: vis-a-vis Q2 AIR has gone down by 0.09% in All-India. Urban has gone down by 0.06%, and Rural by 0.29%

• TR Hindi dailies All-India is the same vis Q2. Urban has grown by 0.1%. Rural goes down by 0.2%

• TR English dailies vis-a-vis Q2 All-India has grown by 0.2%. Urban by as high as 0.6% and rural also by 0.04%

• Any Regional dailies TR: vis-a-vis Q2 AIR has gone down by 0.4% in All-India. Urban has gone down by 1.1%, and Rural by 0.8%



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