Das ka Dum with Dr Bhaskar Das: Would you, as Rahul Bajaj did recently, ask questions to biggie ministers if you were at an event with them? And what would you ask/tell them?

09 Dec,2019

Bhaskar Das

Welcome to yet an all-new week of Das Ka Dum with Dr Bhaskar Das. Some ‘solid’ questions for the Wizard of Words this week. Read on…

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Q Rahul Bajaj recently embarrassed three senior ministers in the Narendra Modi cabinet about the state of fear that exists in Indian industry. If you were at an event and could ask a question or state a fact to the Home or Finance Ministers, will you do it? And what would you tell them?


A. In a democratic country these kind of questions are normal. Even the concerned minister replied to it appropriately. I don’t discern any agenda from either side. It is possible others might not have thought or felt about it due to hyper-sensitivity towards political or social correctness of raising issues in public forum. Or didn’t want to engage in polemical discussion about signs of democratic deficit because of alleged pervasive  perceived apprehensions.

To your question of whether I would have raised the issue. Well, One has to face it to raise a question. Being a small fry with limited exposure to any alleged political holocaust, such issues don’t matter. If it doesn’t matter, I don’t apply my mind to it. After all for me actions speak louder than words.

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