Das ka Dum with Dr Bhaskar Das: What’s your 2020 vision on how the next year will be?

12 Dec,2019

It’s the start of the ‘yearender’ and ‘looking ahead’ season. We asked a question around on the year ahead to Dr Bhaskar Das in today’s edition of ‘Das ka Dum’. Read on…


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Q.  Less than a month to go for the curtains to go down on 2019. What’s your 2020 vision on how the next year will be?


A. 2020 will continue to be exciting for an incorrigible optimist like me as I strongly believe that one has to work towards creating a future and trying to predict it. The latter is the domain of astrology or experts. Having said that, I shall still hazard some way forward possibilities in 2020:

a) balancing microscopic and telescopic imperatives have to be simultaneously manged in every area of business. Eg should a quick sale be opted for even at the cost of long-term robust brand-building shouldn’t be a choice conundrum

b) Environment-friendly brands will be rewarded in the marketspace (that includes marketplace)

c) brands that respect privacy of consumers will be appreciated. In fact I feel it will be a matter of great concern now already and there is a niche for such products that respect individual privacy.

d) many jobs would vanish and new jobs would emerge. Hence new skill sets would be more relevant than getting an academic certificate.

e) in every sphere of life instability would be the new normal. So getting comfortable with the unknown ‘unknowns’ would be a great capability for a better  emotional thermostat and improved copability.



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