Das ka Dum with Dr Bhaskar Das: Last week, there was much turmoil in the A&M world with allegations of a lack of transparency on the part of a former CEO. A one-off event or are chinks showing in the adland armour?

16 Dec,2019

Now this is a serious and sensitive question, and we couldn’t not pose it to Dr Bhaskar Das as part of the ‘Das ka Dum’ series. Read on…


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Q. Last week, there was much turmoil in a leading advertising and media agency network. There are allegations of a lack of transparency on the part of the former CEO, who was until the day before being billed as a whizkid. We’ve not had many such developments in the Indian advertising industry. Would you dismiss this as a one-off development or are chinks showing in the adland armour?


A. Decoding drift is not one of my qualities and I can’t help but gloss over the provocation of the question and your deduction. But interestingly, you have touched upon a primordial frailty of the human being of being invincible – emanating from arrogance, ego, greed resulting ultimately in moral turpitude. The corporate world is replete with such instances and nothing is one-off. It erupts from time to time and we tend to paint a dystopian state of the future. On the other hand, there are many examples to the contrary that highlight an opposite trend. Individual proclivities are difficult to stymie but when it infects the collective consciousness of the organisation, then it becomes a matter of concern as it concerns the basic tenet of corporate governance and fragility of internal checks and balances. Ignorance is bliss upto a point but collective non-cognisance over a long period of time tantamounts to making an organisation an accomplice. Incidentally this affliction is not an adland affair. It is a viral infection that affects every organisation at one point or the other. The only hope is that some organisations have developed better immunity than others.



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