Das ka Dum with Dr Bhaskar Das: It’s Christmas time. Any wishlist for the Indian media ecosystem from Santa?

24 Dec,2019

Ho, Ho, Ho! By now you know that we get a little predictable on special occasions. So here’s a Santa question for Dr Bhaskar Das, which he responds to like no one else in the business. Read on…


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Q.  It’s Christmas time. Any wishlist for the Indian media ecosystem from Santa?


A. It’s Santa time and even Santa economy. But Santa is expected to be a munificent wish-fulfiller. In the corporate jungle of today, Darwinian fitness is more sine qua non than wishes. So let me try to get the media world reconcile to the unknown “unknown” and get armoured to face the 2020 decade:

a. continuous learning won’t be a fad word anymore. New complexity is to adopt technology for seamless learning (any mindset that draws it’s nutrition from silo-based learning and insight hoarding will experience side effects of ego ematiation),

b. get comfortable with a phydigital world where either or mentality has to be coalesced into an integrated leveraging,

c. migrate from a red ocean competitive view, one has to get comfortable with an ecosystem-based competitive advantage (including the worldview of operating with Frenemies) ,

d. ongoing vitality and resilience booster dose will be required to any organisation of the next decade as imperatives of VUCA, criticality of purpose, including environment, serving many stakeholders (as opposed to shareholders only)

and finally:

e).marathonic agility that is RIGHT for a bend for improving organisational adoptability and adeptability.


Now what  would poor  Santa  do in this volatile ensuing decade!  As the Bard would say: The fault, dear Brutas, is not in our stars, but in ourselves, that we are underlings.

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