Das ka Dum with Dr Bhaskar Das: In  the recent Maha-mess, more than the mainstream media, a small, unknown website called Katta News scooped accurate news via Twitter. Source of worry for the biggies?

04 Dec,2019

This was a tricky question to answer as a slightly skewed response could see him getting trolled by the twitteratti. But, as always, the response is candid. Sans much ado, Das Ka Dum with Dr Bhaskar Das. Read on…


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Q. In  the entire Maharashtra political mess, it wasn’t the mainstream media (MSM) that scored with all the scoops, but a small unknown website called Katta News, delivering accurate news via Twitter. Do you think should MSM should worry about small players like these or perhaps embrace them and acquire them?


A. It’s not about should or should not. Small is usually more agile than the big but not necessarily because of size but more due to less baggage of past, courage to experiment and fail. But success need to be sustained. So nothing can be said with finality about what is ought to be done. Big organisations have big pockets and big ambitions. But corporate history is replete with examples of all kinds of conclusions suiting all kinds of heuristics. I am personally against any generalisation (including this one) to give a verdict. As a meta point, I can say that all decision must have a  relevant strategic intent and outcome that is in sync with the organisational ambition.

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