Das ka Dum with Dr Bhaskar Das: If you meet a media honcho who is super-active on social media & Twitter, would you congratulate her/him or ask the person to concentrate more on work or family time?

13 Dec,2019

It’s the start of the ‘yearender’ and ‘looking ahead’ season. We asked a question around on the year ahead to Dr Bhaskar Das in today’s edition of ‘Das ka Dum’. Read on…


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Q  If you meet a media honcho who is super-active on social media – esp Twitter, what will you tell her/him: Congratulate him or reprimand the person for wasting time and ask him/her to concentrate on work or family time instead?


A. I believe in the unfolding dictum that if one isn’t traceable (in the age of all-pervasive social media), one is not employable. So engaging in social media in a meaningful and strategic way is unavoidable today. Hence the question of reprimanding (as if anyone is bothered about such a reprimand) doesn’t arise  even. In fact if strategically used, it can be productive for business and personal career progression. But there is a difference between leveraging social media and becoming an addict to the detriment of health, attitude to work, efficiency et al. Individuals have to find an optimal balance.

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