Das ka Dum with Dr Bhaskar Das: Given the unrest we’ve seen in the country, do you think M&E should counsel viewers as key influencers? Or do you think it’s not its job?

23 Dec,2019

Now this was a question that we couldn’t not ask Dr Bhaskar Das. Do reflect on his response. Read on…


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Q  We have seen a near-civil war like scenario in various parts of the country? As key influencers, do you think the media – news and entertainment – should counsel viewers? Or do you think it’s not their job?


A It’s a never before world where it’s well-nigh difficult to differentiate between a  spontaneous civil movement and irresponsible and self-harming arson and vandalism. In a democratic country, hospitality to multiple perspectives augurs well but when it gets marred by violence, it can be construed either as unsponsored angst or an agendised eruption. In the cacophony of a million views, thanks to social media where N=1 (N is the number of opinions), it is so difficult to differentiate truth from prevarication. And since social polarisation is the new neutrality, the truth is well-guarded by a sentry of lies.


Media as a byproduct of society is also influenced by it. One can’t say if it’s right or wrong. But the fact remains that in a utopian environment, all kinds of provocations ought to be abjured for utilitarianism (Jeremy Bentham’s consequentialist theory) where maximum good must be aimed for maximum people. Every media house has the right to choose its path. No normative path can be prescribed.



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