Das ka Dum with Dr Bhaskar Das: Do Indian news entities have the right to crib about a bad biz environment given that they work with faulty biz models themselves?

11 Dec,2019

Call it the elephant in the room or a business reality, there are some inherent flaws in the business model of our news entities across platforms/media. Or perhaps there aren’t any. We asked a question around this issue to Dr Bhaskar Das in today’s edition of ‘Das ka Dum’. Read on…


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Q, Do news entities in India have the right to crib about a bad business environment/economy and low advertising revenues given that they work with faulty business models – abysmally low cover price of newspapers and free-to-air news channels and free-to-access content on the internet?


A. Growth recession has become a source of cribbing for many sectors. This has happened in the past, worldwide. These kind of hiccups happen as part of economic cycles. The new normal, however, is slightly different as disruptions are also happening in most of the sectors due to accelerated pace of technological change and consequent behavioural shift in consumer behaviour. And that is affecting business models. In legacy companies/ industries, adjustment with the new reality and the imperative of balancing change with continuity are exacerbating the challenges to business models. Cribbing won’t solve the problem. One has to approach the challenge in a pragmatic way and make bets on the future by abjuring the path of comfort and usual industry gravities.



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