Das ka Dum with Dr Bhaskar Das: A reader is dismayed with the way things are on in India. The economy, communalism and the overall fear factor. Your advice to him? Should he leave the country?

17 Dec,2019

So this isn’t a typical media and advertising industry issue, but since someone asked us and given Dr Bhaskar Das’s point of view is always very enlightening, we thought we will pose it to him as part of the ‘Das ka Dum’ series. Read on…


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Q. A reader wrote in to say that he has been dismayed with the way things are on in India. The state of the economy, the rise of communalism and religious intolerance and the overall fear factor. I know this isn’t a media industry question, but, can you advise the young man whether he should indeed be looking at getting out of the country?


A. It is a very legit feeling This has assumed critical proportion due to increasing lack of faith of individuals in internal consciousness who are defocussed  due to conflicting cacophony of the external world. Flying away to a foreign land won’t solve the problem, either due to rising anti-immigration feelings or fallout of  side-effects of slowbalisation, as The Economist diagnosed a global trend. So, getting flummoxed or agitated by external volatility can’t be a solution.

One has to first accept that one can’t change the external environment as one desires. Incidentally there are so many desires, be it of the perpetrators or victims. When one can’t resist them (unless one participates in a revolutionary movement like the French Revolution or Mahatma Gandhi’s non-violence movement), then  why desist. Remember Rudyard Kipling’s famous poem where he opined that Triumph and Disaster are the two Imposters and advised to  treat both of them with the same disdain.

So a  better route perhaps would be to concentrate on the inner world where a  surrender to the Almighty results in seamless integration of Dharma, Artha, Kama, Shanti and Moksha. None of them are either-or. They take place in the consciousness. The goal can’t be first prioritised to material success, but to spiritual and inner focus/ centering that lends meaning to success and mental peace. With that,  external turbulence cannot get  an edge in life. Turbulence in the external world is temporary but internal peace is eternal. One needs to be just aware of it. Then the individual gets the remote control of his/her life and achieve phlegmatism, without being influenced by external forces.

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