A Fortnight of News, A Decade of Everything

06 Dec,2019


By Shailesh Kapoor


A lot has happened on the news front over the last two weeks. We first witnessed a political battle in Maharashtra that would put the biggest political thrillers in Hollywood to shame. It was a twist-a-minute saga, and you never quite knew if you have seen the end of it. In fact, we may not know that even now.


Then, over the last week, the Hyderabad rape case has grabbed the headlines, and the story continues to develop, with the news of the four accused being shot dead in an encounter coming in even as I write this. There was also the historic Pink Ball test, which ended with another emphatic India win in under three days.


On the entertainment front, another successful season of KBC came to a close, with a skillfully-crafted finale week. Even if you do not watch the show, you will do well to check out the finale episode featuring Sudha Murthy. It was inspiring and entertaining in equal measure.


We are also nearing the end of the year, and also the end of the decade of 2010-2019. There’s been an unprecedented interest among journalists, especially those in the media & entertainment sector, to do decade lists and trend stories. I don’t remember any such interest ten years ago when the 2000-2009 decade ended. This interest may have been piqued by online channel Film Companion’s list of the best films and the best performances of the decade.


The more one thinks of it, the idea of analyzing a decade is intriguing and challenging in equal measure. How do you ensure that recency does not bias your opinion? However sharp your memory may be, 2010 is way more distant than 2018-19. Much as I’m averse to lists, because they eventually becoming subjective opinion, a ten-year period is an irresistible temptation to take a shot at them.


There’s another reason why I’m keen on them. For Ormax Media, which started in 2008, this is a decade for which we have comprehensive data over the entire ten-year period, which takes care of objectivity in good measure. Hence, from next week, over the next six weeks, this column will cover the following six lists for the 2010-2019 decade, not necessarily in this order. I’d stay away from box office and ratings-based lists, as that is easy to access in the public domain.


1. The most defining TV shows of the decade

2. The most successful TV channels of the decade

3. The most iconic Hindi films of the decade

4. The most successful digital brands of the decade

5. The most important emerging trends of the decade

6. The most significant trends expected from the new decade


Let the lists begin!



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