19 Most Viewed Stories of 2019

31 Dec,2019

It’s perhaps incorrect to make a shortlist of only 19 stories, while there could a hundred others which deserve to be on this list. But, then, leaderboards like these do give an idea of what people read on a site like MxMIndia.


In a news-heavy year, no marks for guessing who was our most read columnist. If this list was of the Top 100 stories, we think some 20 of them would be by Ranjona Banerji



Listicles are always very popular, and especially the year-ending ones by the very well-read columnist, Shailesh Kapoor. And when it’s a decade-ending one, it climbs to the top of the charts despite being written in December



Given the popularity of Ranveer Singh, Shailesh Kapoor’s view on the actor made it to the Top 5. No brainer!



One more Ranjona Banerji column. That clickbat headlines were a discussion point through the year evidently got this many, many views.



Our interview with Dr Bhaskar Das was naughty but nice. And a mustest-read, even if we say it ourselves.





When Accenture made a grand entry in the creative business, Prabhakar Mundkur’s comment took this piece high on the viewership chart.



A report on him last year was, yes, the most read story even in 2019. But we were looking at stories first published in the current year. Given the interest levels in whatever he is doing, we weren’t surprised that it’s in the Top 10.



Our exclusive on Sunil Lulla setting up Linus Adventures got some really top views. Indicate of the new BARC boss’s popularity



Another news break and a very popular industry professional. This story truly went places



Another Ranjona Banerji column. No marks for guessing why.





We started this column by Dr Bhaskar Das and can say that each one of his columns have been super-duper hits.



Sanjeev Kotnala has been writing on brands week after week and this piece on the IAA World Congress got an excellent viewership



We are sure this would’ve got more hits had it been earlier in the year. But a story that made most of our readers happy and nodding in agreement of our decision.





Indrani Sen’s column discussed a subject that’s sensitive but relevant



Avik Chattopadhyay writes on branding every week, but this on Brand Hinduism got an amazing number of pageviews (and thankfully not much of hatemail)





A guest column by George Abraham on an issue that may have escaped the attention of most of us…





We don’t agree with Rahul Kishore most often, but the fact of the matter is that this piece got a huge number of hits.



Anil Thakraney isn’t a regular columnist with us any longer (though we wish he was!), but this piece on everyone’s favourite cricket commentator maxed in pageviews for over a week



Another news break that we stumbled on accidentally.





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