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28 Nov,2019


Once again we lean on the Amul topicals to tell the story – on Sharad Pawar, the race for the CM post and on the Shiv Sena. We were a little surprised though that there haven’t been, but guess doing a funny ‘un on the Sena is a serious matter…


This is when Sharad Pawar came back to the political arena in Maharashtra as Chief Minister (1986)


Return of Sharad Pawar as Chief Minister of Maharashtra in 1986


There was a furore when the Australian cricketers pushed the then BCCI President Sharad Pawar at ICC Champions Trophy prize distribution ceremony at in Mumbai in November  2006… the joke doing the rounds is that only Ricky Ponting & Co had the you-know-what to push Pawar!


Amul reflects the Shiv Sena’s popularity in Mumbai. This was in 1989, when the city was still called Bombay.


Politicians fighting for the CM’s post… may not have been done for Maharashtra, but we all know what’s been happening over the last few days


Was a topical that appeared in October 2014


Remember there was a problem in Maharashtra in September 2014 too…


This was done when there was a change of CMs in Maharashtra in Jan 2003

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