Johnnie Walker unveils #TheTravellingBillboard

04 Nov,2019

By A Correspondent


Johnnie Walker has unveiled #TheTravellingBillboard, a first of its kind campaign that captures the live journey undertaken by a life=size billboard with the brand’s Striding Man logo across some of the most unchartered and exotic locations in India.


Conceptualised by What’s Your Problem, #TheTravellingBillboard will travel to places which only a few people have visited, and also where no billboard has been before.


Speaking about this campaign, Abhishek Shahabadi, VP and Portfolio Head: Premium & Luxury brands at Diageo India said: “Exploration has been at the heart of Johnnie Walker over its 200 years of being. The brand instigates exploration of the rich possibilities of our world to discover experiences that satisfy a thirst for life. Keep Walking is all about pushing boundaries to taste more out of life. This campaign celebrates this philosophy and is aimed at bringing to life the rich character of unchartered India through this exploration.”


Added Ruchita Zambre, Group Creative Director, WYP, & Tejas Mehta, Strategy & Business Head: “The brief from the Diageo team came in to do an OOH led campaign. After studying the international work done by the brand, we all felt that a basic OOH campaign will never do. It had to do more, create conversations, engage consumers. This thinking led us to create #TheTravellingBillboard. An OOH that roams the country in search for unique vistas. Thus, pushing the boundaries of what a billboard campaign can be like. Completely in line with the brand’s philosophy of pushing boundaries. And WYP’s philosophy of coming up with solutions that go across media and are truly integrated. A campaign of this kind required collaborating with various partners – for fabrication, media plan, digital amplification, photography, innovation etc. The campaign hasn’t been easy to execute at all. But where’s the fun in easy, right?”



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