DSP Mutual Fund unveils outdoor campaign to build category awareness

29 Nov,2019

By A Correspondent


DSP Mutual Fund has unveiled an outdoor campaign to build awareness and education on the Dynamic Asset Allocation Funds category. The campaign uses a creative with an upside down headline to drive home the market reality: ups, downs and fluctuations are a way of life at the stock market. Given these fluctuations won’t go away, it is a good idea for investors to adjust one’s perspective and stay balanced to deal with volatility.


Said Aditi Kothari Desai, Director & Head – Sales and Marketing, DSP Investment Managers: “Our endeavour to create stand-out marketing pieces continues with this outdoor awareness campaign, following on to our Dancing Uncle DAAFs video campaign, that went viral earlier. The idea behind this campaign is to grab attention and build awareness about this product category while contextualising it to the truth behind the markets in a simple, memorable, visual manner. We genuinely believe DAAFs are a worthy addition to investors’ portfolios and our advisors’ recommendation lists at all times – given that markets always operate in cycles: with constant ups/downs/fluctuations. We’re expecting that this creative and media strategy will give rise to curiosity and conversations on DAAFs.”


Added Atul Bhole, Fund Manager- Equities, DSP Investment Managers: “Investors wanting to invest in markets through mutual funds for the first time tend to have fairly low risk appetite – they get stressed with short term fluctuations in their portfolios. For such investors, DAAFs could be a worthy addition to their portfolio. They help in providing the benefit of market upsides while also seeking to limit the downside risk as and when the markets move up or down. DAAFs can also help experienced investors who are worried about volatility and therefore can form a core part of their portfolio.”



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