Domino’s takes emotional route with consumers

08 Nov,2019

By A Correspondent


Domino’s Pizza has unveiled its new campaign ‘Dil, Dosti, Domino’s’, that aims to strengthen the emotional connect with consumers by creating tasty and memorable moments of togetherness.


Speaking on the launch of the new campaign, Kapil Grover, Chief Marketing Officer, Domino’s Pizza India said: “Today, relationships have evolved from what they were a few years ago, especially relationships between Friends and Families. Hierarchical parental relationships no longer bind families. There is a lot of mutual respect and friendship amongst kids and parents today. Similarly, with the family structures changing, friends have become your new support system and in fact an extended family for a lot of us. And if we recall these moments, good food has always been a glue for relationships, especially Domino’s Pizza being a shareable product has been at the centre of many such stories where “Friends Become Family and Families Become Friends.”


Added Swati Bhattacharya, CCO, FCB Ulka: “Domino’s pizza is designed to be shared for people to gather around the “magic circle”, pull at a cheesy slice and fight for the last bite. And in this very act of sharing and connecting, formality and boundaries get dissolved. Friends become like family, and family become like friends. Our campaign captures this essence of Domino’s and its role in the Indian consumer’s life.”



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