Das ka Dum with Dr Bhaskar Das: Your sentiments on Das ka Dum reaching the milestone of 50 questions? Which question tickled your cognitive creativity the most?

14 Nov,2019

We’ve had 50 questions in this Q&A series with Dr Bhaskar Das. Thank you for the amazing response to this series. Now, let’s ask BD which was his favouritest question we’ve asked.


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Q) Your sentiments on Das ka Dum reaching the milestone of 50 questions? Which Q&A did you find the best? Or, let me ask it in a spiritual way – a la Bhaskar Das: which question did you find the most stimulating to answer? Which tickled your cognitive creativity… or whatever and however you would call it.


A) ll questions asked by you provoke cognitive calibration. So it’s difficult to choose one. But now that you have asked me, I the one you asked on October 15 October 11 is an interesting question that demanded human empathy before answering.


Ed: The question we asked was this: We’ve heard that many large media organisations have sacked a lot of people.  Two questions: 1. Your words for those sacked. 2. Your advice to the owners/bosses who have effected these pink slips?

And BD’s response was… well, read it here: https://www.mxmindia.com/2019/10/das-ka-dum-with-dr-bhaskar-das-your-words-for-those-sacked-by-media-organisations-and-your-advice-to-owners-bosses-who-have-effected-these-pink-slips/


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