Das ka Dum with Dr Bhaskar Das: Why play second-fiddle to CxOs who would’ve been in their chaddis when you were riding high?

21 Nov,2019

Okay, today’s question is unfair. But the idea of ‘Das ka Dum’ is to ask all possible questions – including some that people may think are unfair. So without much ado, Dr Bhaskar Das in Das ka Dum. Read on…


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Q 05. In your last two or three work assignments with media companies, you’ve played second-fiddle to CxOs who would’ve been in their chaddis when you were riding high in the media. Why do that? Rather than take up executive-like titles, isn’t it better for someone like yourself to go in as a consultant/advisor… something that would befit your stature better?


A. Nature has various seasons and they seamlessly get reflected in life.  In fact, metaphorically, all the seasons are present in every moments of our existence, if one wants to feel it. Human beings love to stay in a denial mode because of Me-Channel and Ego- personality bondage. It has its own  addiction. When one wants to find oneself, one has to first lose oneself. I have closed down my Me-Channel for good.  Consequently, I now enjoy the journey of life in its full potential. In this journey, there is no judgment, no attachment. I am now just a witness and cheer-leader for humanism at large.


And what is a stature?  — materialism, huge salary, kickass designation, huge bubble chamber, astronomical bonus, so many people report to me… I am on the cover story of every media? If attachment to all the above give real happiness to someone, it’s fine. Let others be happy with that. Nothing good or bad about it.  I love my own stature, which doesn’t need any endorsement from anyone – apart from me. I am reminded of a song by John Lennon. The last few lines resonate with my belief: Imagine no possessions/I wonder if you can/No need…

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