Das ka Dum with Dr Bhaskar Das: For an adsales job, who will you choose – an MBA or a basic a/s/c graduate?

05 Nov,2019

When you doing a series of Q&As with Dr Bhaskar Das, one can’t not dig into intellect for career advice for young professionals. Hence the question for today.


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Q) If you have two candidates to select from for an adsales  job – one an MBA and the other who is a basic arts/science/commerce graduate, who will you choose… assuming both are equally smart and confident?


A) I always believe that one recruits capabilities and not degrees. So stereotyping qualifications led by degrees as a parameter for selection is myopic. They may be important for shortlisting but ultimately one has to go by instinct at the interview table at the point of recruitment. At the delivery point, the efficacy of the candidate gets substantiated. Hence the answer can’t be definitive in one way or the other.


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