Das ka Dum with Dr Bhaskar Das: As an industry veteran, do you think the news media has a future?

27 Nov,2019

At the INMA South Asia Conference last week, the underlying message was that unless fixed, the print media could be in trouble. Although we have asked him a similar question in the past, here’s one again. Without further ado: Dr Bhaskar Das in Das ka Dum. Read on…


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Q. At the INMA conference, we all heard practitioners and pundits talk about the state of the news media. As an industry veteran, do you think the news media has a future?


A. Future isn’t something that one can give an expert opinion with certainty. Besides, are you referring to news or media. When you utter the words together, it sounds as if  you are  confused between content, it’s delivery and device. Since that clarity is missing in the question, let me answer in general.


Future has to be created and cannot  be predicted, always with precision. We are not in the astrological business.  Having said that,  I would hasten to add that attachment to legacy business models compels many businesses to gloss over the tectonic shifts and black swan signs of their ecosystem. And I discern tell-tale signs of an industry-wide atrophy for many formats of delivery of news. News, per se, has no existential challenge. News will always be relevant for audience as lack of news – of any type – engenders unenlightened anxiety. It is only the consumers’ way of consuming it which is undergoing a change. And that’s affecting the business models of the delivery formats of various businesses. It may not be prudent to link future of content with the future of delivery formats and their business models.



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