Das ka Dum with Dr Bhaskar Das: Aren’t there contradictions when news media companies organise conclaves or award shows? One can’t be critical of, say, the Prime Minister or a leading film star?

29 Nov,2019

Okay, this has nothing to do with the star-studded Republic TV conference held earlier this week. Or perhaps it does. So we asked this question. Without further ado: Dr Bhaskar Das in Das ka Dum. Read on…


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Q. News-based media organisations organise conferences and conclaves to shore up their bottomlines. Or simply put: make an easy buck. But aren’t there possible problems in doing this: for instance, if I hope to get the Prime Minister and his A-team, I can’t be too critical of him forever. Similarly, if I or a group publication is organising a film award event, a damning review of a film or an expose could kill the event.


A. Conceptualisation and execution of custom content has been a source of garnering adjacent revenue for a long time. You can be rest assured that it has never been an easy source of revenue. In fact the task is more complex than you can conceive as the investment allocated for such conclaves are generally outside the typical media planning consideration set. Secondly, when an event is conceived, it’s generally around a brief from a customer. Hence whatever may be the genre of the format of delivery, the content of a conclave would be around a utilitarian concept. Therefore, the question of the alleged anti-establishment comment in the conclave would be asymmetrical with the client brief. Besides, such conclaves are generally apolitical and hence irrational and unrelated content architecture would only queer the pitch of incremental revenue generation.



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