Abbott unveils #StrongerTogether ad campaign

06 Nov,2019

By A Correspondent


Abbott has unveiled a new ad film as part of its integrated #StrongerTogether campaign — capturing the concerns of people over 40 who are dealing with loss of muscle and strength. The film leverages the chemistry of real-life couple and popular actors, Ram and Gautami Kapoor, to bring alive a day in life of a modern-day family.


Said Vikash Prasad, managing director and general manager of Abbott’s nutrition business in India: “#StrongerTogether is an integrated campaign which started with a simple but effective chair challenge called Stand4Strength, which  helped people understand whether muscle loss has set in by simply trying to stand up from a chair using one leg, with arms across the chest. The #StrongerTogether challenge aims to help raise awareness about how muscle loss can set in as early as 40 years: if you are in your 40’s or 50’s and can’t stand up from a chair on one leg now, you risk not being able to walk in your 70’s. While the challenge highlighted the problem, we aim to bring awareness to this challenge through a film that shows how strength can be maintained through nutrition. We want to encourage people to live their healthiest and most fulfilled lives – without compromise.”



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