No more single use plastic, says Usha International

04 Oct,2019

By A Correspondent


Usha International has launched a new campaign that champions the cause of discontinuing single use plastic.


Said Sandeep Tewari, President Marketing, Usha International: “As India’s leading brand, it is our responsibility to be invested in causes that impact our society. Through this film we want to create awareness about the impact that single use plastic bottles, we want people to be sensitized about the damage it causes, and hope that it evokes them to change their habits. We want people to be mindful of their plastic footprint, to be mindful of the needs of the planet by urging them to switch to sustainable alternative solutions. We want to appeal to people to fill their glasses with water from dispensers – shifting off plastic bottles of water. While offering a sustainable solution, the dispensers Usha offers also ensure hygiene and safety of drinking water.”



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