Interbrand launches Best Global Brands 2019

21 Oct,2019


By A Correspondent


Uber and LinkedIn have joined the ranks of the world’s most valuable brands as they made their debut in the 2019 Interbrand Best Global Brands Report. But the 20th edition of the Best Global Brands report was less welcome for Facebook at #14 (USD $39,857m) which dropped out of the top 10. Apple, Google and Amazon retained their hold on the top three rankings.


Uber joins the Best Global Brands rankings this year at #87 (USD $5,714m) and LinkedIn at #98 (USD $4,836m). According to the Interbrand report, Facebook dropped five places from #9 in 2018 to #14 this year.


This year’s report positions Apple (USD $234,241m), Google (USD $167,713m), and Amazon (USD $125,263m) as the three most valuable global brands respectively. Apple and Google retained their top positions for the seventh consecutive year. Apple’s brand value grew by 9 per cent to USD $234,241, while Google’s grew by 8 per cent to USD $167,713m.


The remainder of the Top 10 comprises: Microsoft at #4 (USD $108,847m), Coca-Cola #5 (USD $63,365m), Samsung #6 (USD $61,098m), Toyota #7 (USD $56,246m), Mercedes-Benz #8 (USD $50,832m), McDonald’s #9 (USD $45,362m) and Disney #10 (USD $44,352). – returning to the Top 10.


Said Ashish Mishra, Managing Director, Interbrand India: “What’s remarkable about our IP’s history of two decades is that today customer expectations lead businesses and brands. The speed of change in expectations is driven by the now possible immediacy, abundance and intimacy. This means the age of static brand positioning is over. This is a tectonic shift we are heralding for the world of businesses and brands. For decades, the entire discipline of brand-building was based on the concept of brand positioning, but in today’s accelerating markets, customer expectations outstrip static brand positions. What is needed now is a move beyond relevance to uncover and unlock people’s real expectations – finding new opportunities to create utility and desire, and capture imaginations. Align stakeholders and the organization to build investment in the most impactful opportunities. Alter the competitive landscape – build interactions with the greatest utility and desire to move beyond expectations and increase engagement.”


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