Das ka Dum with Dr Bhaskar Das: Which work better in media – family-owned or professionally run set-ups?

25 Oct,2019

We end the week with an all-new question answered by Dr Bhaskar Das in the Das ka Dum series. Read on…

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Your view on family-owned organisations versus professionally run set-ups? Which can work better in the media sector?


Your question smacks of availability heuristics syndrome where a chosen conclusion has been put into binary baskets on the basis of unrepresentative samples. Secondly, I strongly believe that there is no special qualitative difference between the two differentiated form of set-ups. Every business organisation has to be managed and there are examples galore where the share of failures are equally available in both the so-called clusters. And as if the media sector is something unique that requires extra-terrestrial skills. If business success is considered as one of the key litmus tests, it’s neutral to sectors and to  so-called family run or professional set-ups. The reason for failure happens for a variety of factors which can be clubbed under the broad categories of mismanagement and crisis of leadership. Period. Any other reason is merely a subset of that.

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