Das ka Dum with Dr Bhaskar Das: Your sentiments on closure of DNA’s print avatar? Should other print laggards also go in for digital-only presence?

10 Oct,2019

While the tone of the Q&A Dr Bhaskar Das in Das ka Dum is one of fun with provocative questions and responses given in his inimitable style, we couldn’t help slipping in a slightly serious and topical question today. Given that he was Group CEO of Zee Media Corporation Ltd, the company that owned the paper, it would be incorrect for us to ask him to compromise confidential information, so we asked him a very generic question. Read on…


Q. As a veteran media professional, what are your sentiments on the closure of DNA’s print editions? And do you think other media groups should also consider a similar transition given that the print business model works well only for the leaders in the pack?


A. I always believe that hindsight is a great science for diagnosing what is right or wrong. In any business, venture calculations can go awry. Yes, one feels sad that DNA print has shut shop after 14 years of existence. It definitely carved a niche amongst the newspaper-reading audience. Its brand salience is alive in a popular Zee News show and the digital version gains traction on the Web.

One can’t extrapolate learning from episodic cases. Each business and its model is unique and has unique challenges. Hence any deterministic answer on the last part of the question can at best be speculative. Astrologers may be good at that. But a pracademic (practising academician) like me would not be suitable for that.

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