Das ka Dum with Dr Bhaskar Das: You are almost always colourfully and stylishly dressed. Now what if a 22-year-old were to do the same in a key client meet?

09 Oct,2019

Bhaskar Das

Bhaskar Das

It’s the festive season, and we couldn’t help asking this question to ‘Wizard of Words’ Dr Bhaskar Das as part of our Das ka Dum series of Q&As. Provocative questions, Thoughtprovoking responses.  If you wish to access the archives, please go to the Das Ka Dum tab on the website’s top navigation bar…



Q. You are almost always colourfully and stylishly dressed. Now what if a 22-year-old in your organisation does the same: wear green trousers or a yellow jacket to work or even worse: a client meeting?


A. I presume your wonderment about the colour skew in my outfit has no pejorative insinuation to lack of sartorial finesse (either by age cohort or by occasion inappropriateness). At a meta level, colours do contribute to change in one’s dopamine flow. So long as it’s not garish and asymmetrical with the combo and the personality, it needn’t be out of place. These days, in the start-up ecosystem, the freedom expressed through outfit/ dress is more evolved amongst the Generation Z  or others who defied demographic gravity.


The larger confusion that you might be harbouring is the conflation between form and content. Both are different but can be complementary. It needn’t be an either-or. But lack of content can’t be camouflaged by the garb of colour.


There is of course corporate protocol which needs to be adhered by all age groups for disciplinary requirements. It differs by organisation. There are practices of weekend dressing or outfits on festive occasions. ‘Judgmentality’ on the same is superfluous. Every organisation  is justified in its approach. Incidentally, I have also followed the same protocol during my career. May be I engendered in you some confusion where my colourful personality (an expression full of modesty and not narcissism) got seamlessly mixed with my outfits.

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