Das ka Dum with Dr Bhaskar Das: When will the achhe din happen in Indian M&E?

31 Oct,2019

On the second working day of this rather short post-Diwali week, here’s a question uppermost in our minds. If you wish to access the archives, please go to the Das Ka Dum tab on the website’s top navigation bar.



Q. According to you (given your market intelligence and inferences), for the M&E sector, kya achhe din aane waale hain?


A. What is achhe din for the M&E segment? I presume your answer would be when monetisation would be facile? No inter-category/ format migration of attention and cash would happen? No rightsizing will happen? Double-digit growth would accrue to all leading  media companies, if not all, et al? Imagine ships are constructed to be anchored in the shore. As a result, no ship would get drowned.


But is predictable and favourable wind the only indicator of acche din? I differ. I find that the M&E industry is going through the best of times. Technology and consumer culture are together tectonically shifting the topography of competitiveness. In this journey, headwinds might queer some pitches but when one remains perpetually paranoid and permanently in a beta state, one develops  agility, excitement and resilience during  navigation. Now if that’s not acche din, what can it be? Instability is the new stability.

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